Warm-ups are quick, fun, high energy games that promote focus, build community and provide energy to a group.

Every student who comes to class is coming from a different place.  Some are having a great day, others a horrible day. Some are coming in energized, others distracted. Some are looking to impress, others are looking to hide.

Starting the class with quick improv games called "warm-ups" will get everyone on the same page.  Warm-ups provide focus and energy that more passive, behind the desk, activities don't.  They are physical, interactive, social and can set the tone for a lesson!  They are also a great "shared experience" that helps develop a sense of community.

They can also be used in the middle of class, when kids are starting to drift off or get antsy.  Well timed warm-ups  reenergize classes as focus starts to wane, as well as provide a 're-set' when the group is stuck and is struggling to get out of its own way! 

List of Games

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This game is popular with EVERYONE.  It is silly and physical and is a great way to get players moving and shaking!  Use it if you are looking for FUN, PHYSICAL, HIGH ENERGY, SILLY!


No one can play this game without laughing!  It is a quick, silly game that gives kids an opportunity to make connections and scream in class.  Use it if you are looking for LAUGHTER, QUICK, HIGH ENERGY, SILLY!

Hello, My Name Is...

Great "getting to know you" game.  Kids learn names and discover what they have in common.  Perfect game for the first day of class.  Use it for:  COMMUNITY BUILDING, FUN, ACTIVE

Give and Take

This is a fun game that has players practice their awareness and sensitivity to the group.  Kids are asked to lead at times and follow at others, and figure out when its appropriate to do one or the other.  Use it if you are looking for FOCUS, AWARENESS,  COMMUNITY.

Count Up, Count Down (1 to 10)

This game is about practicing how to control your energy.  It is a quick, simple game that gives players permission to be excited and jubilant, but also gives them the practice to bring themselves down from that place.  Use it if you are looking for:  FUN, QUICK, SILLY, FOCUS.

The Counting Game

This is a pure focus game.  It seems simple, but is actually very difficult for most groups.  Groups learn to be very sensitive to other players and develop a feel for the environment.  Use if you are looking for:  FOCUS, COMMUNITY.

Person to Person

This game gets players to interact and move around.  There is a lot of physical contact, "hand to hand", "knee to knee", "back to back", etc. so it brings players out of their comfort zone a bit. It is used in theater classes to get players more comfortable with physical interaction on stage.  Use if you are looking for:  COMMUNITY BUILDING, SILLY, ENERGY.

Gift Game

This circle game practices the act of giving and receiving gifts.  Players practice spontaneity and reacting in the moment while it gives the teacher an opportunity to talk about gift exchanging in general.  A great Christmas theme game!!!  FUN, SPONTANEITY,  COMMUNITY