ImprovInTheClassroom.net  is designed to promote the use of improvisational theater techniques within the classroom.  First by providing resources to teachers and other adults who wish to build a more active and innovative atmosphere within their classroom ("Improv Class" above) and through our blog with articles describing the ideas and concepts behind improv and how they can be used to improve the classroom.  ("Improving the classroom")  We also hope that this will be a valuable resource for all of the teachers who have participated in our workshops and training sessions. 

The site is developed and maintained by Kenneth Matteucci, a middle school teacher with over 20 years of experience. This work is the result of his experiments with incorporating elements of improv theater into his Social Studies classes, input and ideas from teachers who have participated in workshops, and his years of teaching theater classes and developing after school programs that promote theater and creative problem solving for young people of all ages.

Over the last six years Ken has created innovative professional development opportunities for teachers, and has provided over 100 teachers and coaches with skills and techniques to enrich and engage students of all ages.

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