Shameless Self Promotion

Or Why Every Teacher Should Take My “Improv for Educators” Workshop.

“The best professional development class I have ever taken!” “What an amazing experience!” “Every teacher should take this class!”  “I wish all the administrators would take this class!”  “Don’t change a thing it was awesome.” “Thank you so much for doing this!” “Will you be offering a second class?”…

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The Group Work Problem

Work in small groups has become a core teaching strategy over the last few decades, and for good reason. There is incredible power and potential in bringing together different people with diverse strengths and experiences and blending them into one team, focused on a single goal.  This is how problems are solved, championships are won, new products are created and how students truly grow!  

The problem is that when groups don't work they often create failure, frustration, anger and stress.  This is true for anyone, whether they are in school, at home, or at work.  Dysfunction is the dark shadow hanging over any group endeavor.  As teachers we need to make group dynamics a top priority, not only through our own actions and interventions, but as a skill we provide to our students. 

The script below is an attempt to bring this issue into focus….

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