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Build a Location

                                A quick way to explore the sights and sounds of  "where".  Create and think about setting!

Bus Stop

                                 Practice how to SHOW aspects of a character, such as age, emotion, etc..

Circle Stories

                                 Safe way to work as a group and build stories.

Counting Game

                                Practice focusing and working as a group.

Count up, Count Down

                                Practice self control and have fun doing it!

Dr. KNow-it-All!/Human Dictionary

                                Fun, one word at a time line game.

Eye Scream!

                                No one can play this quick warm-up without laughing.

Fraction Action

                                Review math concepts, build teamwork, act silly!


Circle game that challenges spelling skills.

Gift Game

                              Circle game where players give and receive pretend gifts.

Give and Take

                             Warm-up that help practice focus and sensitivity within the group.


Warm-up that allows people to interact in a silly, high energy way!


                             Silly and active warm-up activity 

Hello, My Name Is

                                Perfect for the first day of class!

Hot Spot

                               Learn to trust each other!

Human Statues/Tableau

                               Active vocabulary game!

Human Tic-Tac-Toe

                               Fun, action packed math review game.

I’m Thinking of a Word

Great word play! Rhymes and Definitions.

In or Out

A Circle Game about making connections and finding a secret word.

Person to Person

                               Connect with the group in this active warm-up!

Return Counter

                                Reverse charades game where returner reads the reaction of the clerk.

Sound and Action Pass

                               Circle Game that can engage students in various ways.

Story Line

                                Build a story as a team...

Super Hero Game

                                 Build a skit with each player taking on a role.

Vocab 1-2-3

Learn a vocab list with a verbal, interactive, kinesthetic and repetitive game.

Walk the Walk

An invitation for players to be silly. Great warm-up!

What Are You Doing?

                               Practice mime and get kids out of their comfort zone.

What is the Question?

Brainstorm in groups, and think deeply about a word or concept.

Whoosh, Bang, Pow!

Silly, fast paced circle game.

Yes, And...story line

                               Good introduction to the topic.

Zip, Zap, Zop!

Silly circle game, and even sillier math review game!