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Build a Location

                                A quick way to explore the sights and sounds of  "where".  Create and think about setting!

Bus Stop

                                 Practice how to SHOW aspects of a character, such as age, emotion, etc..

Circle Stories -

                                 Safe way to work as a group and build stories.

Counting Game -

                                Practice focusing and working as a group.

Count up, Count Down-

                                Practice self control and have fun doing it!

Dr. KNow-it-All!/Human Dictionary

                                Fun, one word at a time line game.

Eye Scream!

                                No one can play this quick warm-up without laughing.

•Fraction Action

                                Review math concepts, build teamwork, act silly!

•Gift Game

                              Circle game where players give and receive pretend gifts.

•Give and Take

                             Warm-up that help practice focus and sensitivity within the group.


                             Silly and active warm-up activity 

Hello, My Name Is

                                Perfect for the first day of class!

Hot Spot

                               Learn to trust each other!

Human Statues/Tableau

                               Active vocabulary game!

•Human Tic-Tac-Toe

                               Fun, action packed math review game.

Person to Person

                               Connect with the group in this active warm-up!

•Return Counter

                                Reverse charades game where returner reads the reaction of the clerk.

Sound and Action Pass

                               Circle Game that can engage students in various ways.

Story Line

                                Build a story as a team...

Super Hero Game

                                 Build a skit with each player taking on a role.

What Are You Doing?

                               Practice mime and get kids out of their comfort zone.

Yes, And...story line

                               Good introduction to the topic.